Radio Service Mode

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For pulling out a nice Service Menu out of the Radio, do the following:

  • Switch the radio on
  • Push "TP" for at least 10 seconds

A "Service Menu" will appear. You will be informed about

  • Serial Number
  • SW Version (mine is from 15/94)
  • Seek Level ("I" for reception of strong radio transmitters, "II" for reception of all radio stations)
  • GAL (Geschwindigkeits Abhaengige Lautstaerkeregelung - speed dependent volume control). Set it to 1 for small volume increase when driving faster, and set it to 4 for even more volume when driving faster. Mine is set to "1" and still too much).
  • DSP (If your car is equipped with the HiFi Professional DSP, you will find an "1" here. Otherwise a "0" (like mine).
  • FM (some information about the radio station you are currently listening to. Includes also quality of reception. )

To get back from this menu, simply switch off the radio.

Source: тынц