Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

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BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

Price $450+ $20 S&H. This includes the decorative machined holes in cross bar which was formerly a $35 option and the $15 accessory installation kit is included in the price as well.


The entire Strong-Strut is manufactured from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade alloy billets. The tower plates are 3/8 inch thick and fully machined on the bottom side to match the ribs on the tower domes. The cross bar is 1/2 inch thick and 2 inches wide, tapered on the ends. The cross bar has no vertical bends, it fits directly into the ring receiver blocks. The arc of the cross bar is an exact match for the arc in the air circulation components attached to the underside of the hood and that is how we solved the clearance issues. It is not possible to route a cross bar straight from one shock tower to the other. The shock tower rings begin life as a 6 x 6 x 3/8 inch plate and are fully CNC machined to their final shape. Our method of attaching the cross bar to the rings is a pivotless design which is substantially superior to any of the competitive designs. All our welding is by an FAA certified welding engineer and is truly a work of art.

Please feel free to browse our web site testimonials and read what other Strong-Strut customers have to say about our products, customer service and warranty policy. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To order, simply send us an email stating which model you have and include your option selection, if any, your shipping address and whether you will remit with a mailed check or by PayPal. Details on all this are found on our web site under the "how to order" link and elsewhere. If you need assistance, send us an email and we’ll help out. We are making these available on a pre paid basis with delivery in about 3 weeks. Each unit will be manufactured for the specific customer.

Best wishes, Paul & the Strong-Strut / Koni Team

480 513 3222 Scottsdale, Arizona

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs
the prototype during development

Below: fully chromed version, special order with optional machined holes in cross bar.

BMW E38 - fully chromed version strut brace

BMW E38 - fully chromed version strut brace

Textured black powder coat below

BMW E38 - black strut brace

The illustrated strut brace below is the "Bavarian". It is the only E38 strut brace available that we know of. It has a hollow aluminum cross bar that is bent forward on both ends in order to clear the under hood air circulation systems. The tower rings are 3/16 inch thick stamped steel. There are no machining operations involved in producing this product. The Cross bar attaches to the rings by means of a through bolt and cleats on the rings. There is no finish on the cross bar. Priced at approximately $250 + shipping, it is probably OK at that price but in our opinion, it does little to support the shock towers. This unit fits the 740i but not the 740iL models

BMW E38 - strut brace of Bavarian

SEVEN SERIES E 38 customer testimonials

Don......A couple of weeks ago, I installed a Strong Strut tower brace on my '01 740IL. Paul at Strong Strut was extremely professional, sent the Strong-Strut promptly, and it was very well made. This was my first modification to the car and I did it because it looked like a job I could handle. It turns out it was so easy my 5 year old helped.

The results were amazing to me. The steering with the strut brace is surprisingly more precise. No more long hesitation between turning the wheel and the steering response. I am very happy with this entire experience. I purchased the special order fully chrome plated version with the option machined holes in the cross bar. The quality of workmanship is astounding!


I'll give my strong and enthusiastic vote. Unfortunately, I have been very busy with my work, family and personal life over the last six months or so. That has left little time for car activities, including working on the car, taking pictures, updating my Car Domain page and posting reviews of a number of projects that were completed long ago.

I received one of the very first E38 Strong Struts and I am very impressed with it. For those of you that are concerned about the price, I can only refer to the old saying about "you get what you pay for". It is a solid, beefy and strong bar that undoubtedly would hold up to the strongest abuse without flexing.

If you are looking for price, I have seen them for under $10! They will bolt right up to your Neon! If you don’t believe me, search for yourself.

However, if you drive an E38 BMW that originally cost between $75K and $100K you deserve something better. You are also a lot more limited with your choices. As far as I know, there are only two bars that will fit on the E38. At last word the only other bar out there in production is from Bavarian Auto. It costs $199.95 and is made from welded aluminum tubing with thin stamped steel strut rings that bend when tightened on the strut towers. It is half the normal retail price of the strong-strut. Does that mean that you get half the quality? I don’t have one and likely never will, so I really can’t say.

One word of caution. The Bav Auto bar is listed as fitting only the “i” models and not the “iL” models. In the US, that means that it will fit only on the 740i and not the 740iL or 750iL. A number of people have purchased Bav Auto strut bars and ended up returning them because they did not fit on their “iL” long wheelbase cars.

Common wisdom dictates that all versions of the E38, both long and short wheelbase and with various engine sizes would have the exact same chassis dimensions and clearances between the strut towers and the hood. The BMW parts catalogs show the same parts and there is not “supposed” to be any difference. As previously noted above, I helped Strong Strut with fitment issues on the 750iL. I fit the prototype onto more than one car and I can absolutely confirm that the clearance is different, not only between the strut bar and the engine, where you’d expect it, but also between the strut bar and the hood, where you would NOT expect a difference. I cannot say exactly what the difference is, but I can confirm that there is a big difference. For those cars with the tighter clearance there is a very small clearance “window” between the top of the engine and the bottom of the hood and the Strong Strut hit it right on the nose.

For those that are curious, please take a look page 20 of my Car Domain site. тынц
I have included some pictures of one of the Strong Strut prototypes installed on my car and some of the clearance testing that was involved. Note that the prototype has simulated holes that were drawn on with magic market. This page also includes some pictures of an angular design mock up that I experimented with on my own. It was an interesting experiment, but I ended up liking Strong-Strut’s curved design better.

The final Strong-Strut production design is remarkably similar to the prototype with just a few minor fitment and manufacturing tweaks to make it fit properly. I selected one without the holes, as I preferred the cleaner look. Unfortunately, I have yet to take any pictures of my engine compartment with the final product installed. Maybe once the weather is nice I will spruce up the engine compartment and snap some pictures. What’s that? The weather has been nice for months already? Oh, maybe when summer is over and work slows down I will have more time. What? You say that the weather will be crummy in Seattle and it will be RAINING by then? Oh no! When will I ever find time to do this???

Here's a picture of the Strong-Strut installed on my car, it is a great design and you will notice a difference especially in those fast turns. I would strongly recommend this bar especially at this price.

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

E-38 Strong-Strut on 750 courtesy of Jeff Wong

This is a discontinued, textured finish that has been replaced with a titanium silver metallic smooth finish.

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

BMW E38 Club - Strong-Strut - Strut braces for BMWs

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